About Invexi

Our mojo

Our people are unique. They are passionate. They are geeks. They are revolutionaries. They are intelligent. They are rational. They are tacticians. What they don't know, they learn. What they learn, they apply.

As individuals and collectively as a professional entity, it is important to know what drives you, what makes you tick, what you wake up every day to live for. We have found that four key motivators exist above the others which drives Invexi. Profit, both yours and ours alike, Pride in our work, care for the Reputation our work earns us, and Advancement through innovation. Invexi was founded upon our desire to produce work for profit with pride according to our unique philosophy.


You are our client and deserve to be informed on all decisions of consequence during the course of our relations. We are not going to keep things from you, present you will false options or misrepresent an option/position. We will make sure you know the status of your project and inform you every step of the way.

Personal Service Approach

Our service approach is an important part of Invexi. We aim to provide peace of mind to our clients by covering every aspect on their behalf. When you work with us you can relax knowing you have experts on the case. Find out for yourself today and enjoy the difference.


We are going to be upfront with you about any and everything that concerns your project, even if it means losing your business. We are not in business to sell people services with no value to them or build them something they do not need. We obviously consider that unethical as well as a waste of time (something which we are not big fans of). What is right, is right; what is wrong, is wrong. The discussion ends there with us.

Experts, Not Salesmen

We are not out to mislead or gouge you. When you are buying a website, you should not have to ask for things that should be included with the service by default. You do not deserve to be blindsided by something you did not even know existed or mattered. Our default product has all the things you would expect and more importantly, the things you do not know to expect. We simply will not make anything less with our name on it. This stance is about doing what is right by our clients.

Our Process


A well thought out plan is the first step in any successful endeavor. In the Discovery Phase we aim to identify and gather all the details regarding your project to help build that plan. This information acts as the foundation and starting point for the project.


Using findings from the Discovery Phase, we draw the blueprints for your project. Working with you, we develop the plan of action for a successful project, taking into account every detail. This is the time to turn abstract ideas into reality!


With project architecture in hand, we begin the process of realizing your goals. The construction phase accounts for the bulk of the time engineering your solution. We will keep you involved in every step of the construction process for your website.


Here, we make sure to tie up loose ends, get final approvals and recheck our work several more times. In essence, we lay out the welcome mat and sweep up the last of the construction dust. The delivery of your project is the realization and culmination of careful planning and hard work.


After a house is built, you have to maintain it. The same is true for your web solution. We are here to guide, consult and support your technical needs, 24-7. Invexi wants to be your continued partner for success with your new website or web development project.