Who is Invexi?

Our people are unique. They are passionate. They are geeks. They are revolutionaries. They are intelligent. They are rational. They are tacticians. What they don't know, they learn. What they learn, they apply.

As individuals and collectively as a professional entity, it is important to know what drives you, what makes you tick, what you wake up every day to live for. We have found that four key motivators exist above the others which drives Invexi. Profit, both yours and ours alike, Pride in our work, care for the Reputation our work earns us, and Advancement through innovation. Invexi was founded upon our desire to produce work for profit with pride according to our unique philosophy.

Invexi \ĭn-vĕks-î\ Noun, from Latin inveho "to convey." Early 21c. "web development, design and consulting to suit your needs."


Principal/Lead Developer

Mike has been running Invexi since 2008. That is pretty much a lifetime in internet years. Do you realize Gmail has only been out of beta since 2007?

Mike does more than just found companies though. He's also our Lead Developer. PHP and Databases are Mike's bread and butter.


Design & Front-End

Jeff is our resident "creative". In his free time he likes to code for fun. Seriously.

Design & Front-End development understates Jeff's role a bit... He also has his hands in User Interaction(UI), User Experience(UX), and photography as well as being the office handyman.


Project Manager

If you've had a website built by Invexi you probably have talked to Michael. He makes it his job to make sure all of our clients are happy. Probably because that is his job.

Michael also supplies quality writing to websites. He knows how to provide interesting and relevant content to enhance your image, as well as your page rank.


Senior Developer

Jason does the heavy lifting when it comes to development work. (Which explains all those rippling muscles.)

Jason stays up to date on the latest and greatest in back-end development and helps Invexi push the envelope. He's never met an API that he couldn't handle.


Junior Developer

As Junior Developer Andrew makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. He rose up through the ranks from intern to where he is now. With a skillset that's not quite Jason and not quite Jeff, Andrew brings a fresh look to each project.