Our Work / Portfolio

Some recent websites we've done

  • Professional Beauty Associaiton

    Web Design

    PBA turned to Invexi when they looked to revamp their online presence which includes dozens of pages and numerous individual websites for all their programs and events.

  • TeacherNannies

    Custom Web Development /
    Web Design / Consulting

    We helped this startup refine their idea and turn it into a plan that we could execute quickly. From the initial designs concepts to their post-launch marketing campaigns, and everything in between, we helped them bring everything together right.

  • FisherTools.com

    Web Design / Web Dev / E-Commerce

    Greg Fisher was looking to bring his successful brick and mortar business with over 20,000 items online and break into the internet market.

    We worked with them to develop the custom tools necessary to keep his website up-to-date and synced with the warehouse at all times.

  • Zen Eyewear

    Web Design / E-Commerce

    Jeff with Zen Eyewear did not have a fortune to spend and wanted a minimalistic, but compelling site for his business.

    We worked with Jeff to create a site that both looked stunning and was easy to use for his clients.

  • AndyFood

    Custom Web Development /
    Web Design

    Andy needed a new website to go along with a new registration system for his cooking classes. We worked with Andy to develop a customized solution for him to run his business more easily and save countless hours compared to his old system.

  • Ace & Sons Construction

    Web Design

    Sometimes you just need it quick and cheap, but without sacrificing the websites design in the process.

    We turned this site around in just a few days and we did not sacrifice quality to do it.

Been there, done that

I need a logo. Quick!

When Camel Consulting called us, they needed their logo yesterday. If you need something simple and in a hurry, call us.

Corporate Identity

The Consumer Savings Network wanted a logo that related to their target demographic when they decided to re-brand.

So... I have this idea

We love making dreams come true. Jon with Game-Overdrive had one. It took countless revisions, but the result speaks for itself.